1999 Robert Ruck


1999 Robert Ruck

  • Model: Concert Classical #726

  • Origin: USA

  • Woods: Cedar / Indian Rosewood

  • Scale: 650mm / 52mm

  • Finish: French Polish

Robert Ruck is one of the true master luthiers of the classical guitar. Having built over 1000 instruments he has worked with various bracing patterns, woods, and finishes as well as with double-tops, traditional tops, and everything in between. But regardless of the style and inner workings there are seven principles that Ruck incorporates into every one of his instruments:

Power - Color - Dynamic Range - Evenness - Tone Quality  -Playability

This 1999 guitar, while incorporating all of Ruck's ideals, really shines in its evenness, dynamic range, and power. From low-E and all the way up the neck the guitar sings true and solid. Pieces from Scarlatti to Brouwer are beautifully communicated tonally and the excellent range allows the player to make a myriad of dynamic decisions.