1997 Manuel Velazquez


1997 Manuel Velazquez

  • Model: Concert Classical

  • Origin: USA

  • Woods: German Spruce / Indian Rosewood

  • Scale: 650mm / 52mm

  • Finish: French Polish

Manuel Velazquez is one of the most respected and revered classical guitars makers in the history of guitar making. His guitars have been used on some of the most memorable recordings and used in concert by some of the greatest performers to ever grace six strings. 

This guitar is a true masterpiece. The craftsmanship is unbelievable on this fine piece. Every detail shows great care and precision. The sound of the guitar is outstanding. Every note is crystal-clear and precise. The trebles sing out radiantly and are balanced with a round bass tone. This makes this guitar perfect for everything from baroque music to jazz. Manuel Velazquez is a fine builder of classical guitars and this guitar is no exception. This is a guitar that will instantly take a player to a new level of musical achievement.