John Ray

John Ray

"From the guitar makers in Granada I have learned the traditional spanish techniques, some of which are falling into disuse these days even in Spain. The sound of my guitars has opened up, acquiring a three-dimensional quality and they have become much more responsive instruments, able to meet the demands of any professional musician. At present I make a classical model, a flamenco model and a copy of Antonio de Torres.

Both my classical model as well as my flamenco guitar have developed through close study of great historical guitars. I have had the opportunity to study guitars made by Torres, Barbero, Lorca, Pages, Vicente Arias and Santos Hernandez . Any great maker must first learn from those who have gone before and then spend years defining a personal style and sound. I find myself in the second part of that journey and it is immensely satisfying especially when my ideas are shown to fit with the needs of great guitarists."

-John Ray

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