Hermann Hauser III

Hermann Hauser III
  • Born 1958
  • Luthier Est. 1974
  • German
  • Builds both traditional and Stauffer guitars
  • Also enjoys time with his family, walks with his dog Yoshi, and the occasional fast drive down the Autobahn.

"I feel a person who makes instruments must go his own way.  He must find the product he likes for himself and also for the people.  If he goes his way he will have success.  If he only makes copies, he will not arrive at this point.  You have to have the courage to discover your own way."

- Hermann Hauser III in an Interview with American Lutherie magazine no.51/Fall 1997.

Born into an instrument building family, Hermann Hauser III began making guitars when he was 16-years-old. Heeding the advice of his father, his first years of luthery were spent outside of the family workshop at a vocational school for carpentry, a friends workshop, as well as the stringed instrument program at Mittenwald. When his father fell ill, Hermann III returned to Reisbach to assist in the building of Hauser instruments. He learned, under his father, about his fore-bearers building traditions and techniques as well as skills in how to select the proper tree in the Alps and Bavarian Mountains to harvest for tops and the construction of custom and specialized tools tailored to the guitar making process. In 1974, Hermann III began making instruments under his own label and finding his own voice as a luthier. He still assisted his father though, who despite a serious illness continued to do what he loved, building guitars until his passing in 1988.

The construction of a Hermann Hauser III guitar takes between 150 and 240 hours of work and a maximum of 17 guitars can be built each year. Every Hauser builder tinkers, adjusts, experiments, and plays on the ideas and vast knowledge of their tradition. From Composer and zither builder Josef Hauser exploring ways to pull more out his instrument of choice, to Hermann I mixing his own great ideas with the ideals and demands of Andres Segovia, to Hermann II who combined the refinement and elegance of the "Hauser sound" with bolder, bigger sounding guitars, and Hermann III continues this traditions as he mixes the old with new in exquisite new models like the "Nouvelle" and "Jubilee" as well as the more traditional "Segovia" models. Hermann III continues to work out of the Reisbach workshop, creating excellent concert instruments with assistance from his daughter Kathrin, who has just has begun releasing instruments under her own label.

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